New Powersoft videos let users get to grips with Armonía 2.10

New Powersoft videos let users get to grips with Armonía 2.10

Powersoft has posted four new instructional videos on its YouTube channel designed to educate and inform users about its Armonía 2.10 software platform.

The latest videos cover Armonía’s Interactive Tuning Plugin, which features newly integrated compatibility with Rational Acoustics’ Smaart software measurement platform. With data from Smaart, Powersoft users can optimise their amplifiers’ performance using Armonía’s equalisation and phase adjustment tools.

The first tutorial walks users through setting up input from Smaart within Armonía, allowing users to store and recall Smaart’s data traces seamlessly. Harnessing detailed measurements from reference microphones, these traces will help inform tuning decisions made within Armonía to maximise fidelity and performance.

The next video demonstrates how users can employ Smaart’s noise generator from within Armonía to create spectrum data traces using one or more reference microphones, as well as how to capture transfer function data traces including magnitude and phase. To improve readability and usability of the traces, the video shows how Armonía enables users to tweak the colour and names of traces and even crop individual traces to display only the relevant information and reduce clutter.

The third video shows users how to overlay Smaart’s measured traces on top of any EQ section within Armonía for a given Powersoft amplifier channel. Using Armonía’s invert function on the measured curve, the video demonstrates how a compensatory EQ curve can easily be drawn to match. Upon hitting the EQ interaction button, those filters are applied to the stored transfer function trace, allowing the user to quickly optimise system response, even when offline.

In the final video, an all-pass filter is employed to better align the phase of the two drivers. The video also shows a real-world sound example in which measurements taken at three mic positions within a space allow strategic manipulation of the delay of the subwoofer channel to solve alignment issues decisively.

“While our mastery of Class D amplification, Power Factor Correction, and other innovations makes Powersoft’s hardware superior, it is our Armonía software that helps ensure peak performance of our hardware in any setting,” commented Gino Pellicano, Powersoft’s US & Canada applications engineer. “With these YouTube videos, we are ensuring that our users can get up to speed on the latest capabilities of Armonía and optimise their workflow.”

Those wishing to view the videos can find them on Powersoft’s YouTube page.

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NAMM reveals 2018 expansion; releases show map

NAMM reveals 2018 expansion; releases show map

The 2018 NAMM Show, which attracts 100,000 attendees from around 139 countries each year, will offer the largest expanded campus in the show’s history.

Set to takes place from January 25-28 in Anaheim, California, the show will refesh its look for 2018 by featuring communities across the show floor. NAMM will also be expanding its event technology and pro audio areas.

The 2018 edition will also see the addition of a new building, Anaheim Convention Center North (ACC North) as well as a new education and professional development campus, which will be curated by various industry experts. 

Organisers have also revealed the 2018 NAMM Show Map (pictured) so you can start planning the areas you hope to visit ahead of the event in January.

NAMM launched a new podcast called The Music History Project last month, which focuses on "the people and products that define our audible experience," from music product innovators and creators to influential music store retailers, performing artists and audio professionals.

Read more about the highlights of The 2018 NAMM Show communities here.

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Sound Technology brings JBL’s new monitor manager to the UK and Ireland

Sound Technology brings JBL's new monitor manager to the UK and Ireland

Harman Professional’s UK and ROI audio distributor, Sound Technology, has announced that the new JBL Intonato 24 Monitor Management Tuning System is now shipping in the UK.

JBL Intonato 24, which received its debut earlier this year at the BVE Show, is the company’s newest solution for easy set up, automated calibration, and complete control of monitoring systems in stereo, surround, and immersive audio production rooms.

Housed in a 2U rack-mount enclosure and shipping with extensive I/O capabilities, Intonato 24 can calibrate and control systems of up to 24 speakers with customised recallable routing of up to 24 sources selected from 24 dedicated analogue, 24 digital and 256 networked audio sources. Included software and an optional Desktop Controller (due later in 2017) lets users make full use of the system’s powerful monitoring features.

Intonato 24 includes a calibration microphone and Automated Speaker Calibration process that “tunes” each speaker to compensate for speaker placement and room acoustics, delivering neutral response to the mix position–even in less-than-ideal work spaces. This gets around room-related low-frequency issues and precisely matches the level and “time-of-flight” from each speaker to the mix position.

With the power to manage monitoring systems of up to 24 speakers – including up to four subwoofers that can be assigned as “Bass Management” subs with selectable crossover settings – Intonato 24 is compatible with all monitoring formats including stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and makes immersive monitoring possible in any control room. In addition, the system is able to patch, route, and selectively monitor any combination of 24 analogue, 24 digital and 256 networked sources including Dante via an optional interface.

A graphical user interface also lets users control Intonato 24 from Mac, Windows, and a range of tablets. Complete configurations, including speaker setup parameters, EQ, subwoofer settings, input source patching, and down-mix preferences can be stored as “profiles” and “scenes” and instantly recalled (even mid-session) to meet the requirements of specific projects and clients.

While Intonato 24 was designed as the hub of JBL’s new 7 Series installed reference monitor system, the unit can be used with any passive or powered speaker. In addition, Harman BLU link network protocol allows Intonato 24 to be digitally networked with Crown power amplifiers and an assortment of system components.

Peter Chaikin, director, recording solutions at Harman International, said: “With Intonato 24, JBL set out to create the heart of a complete next-generation system that takes control room monitoring to the next level, empowering content creators to produce consistently superior output regardless of the spaces where they find themselves—or the formats they are asked to deliver.”

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Funktion-One Evo powers Radio One’s Ibiza weekend

Funktion-One Evo powers Radio One's Ibiza weekend

A Funktion-One Evo sound system from Cheshire Event Production was recently used at BBC Radio 1’s Ibiza 2017 event which welcomed 14,000 visitors during the first weekend of August.

The showcase event of the weekend was two days of live TV and radio broadcasting from San Antonio’s iconic Café Mambo Sunset Stage, featuring a mix of DJs and live acts including Fat Boy Slim, Danny Howard, David Guetta, Annie Mac and Disclosure.

The Funktion-One rental partner deployed a main system comprising six Evo 7E (three per side) and 12 F121 single-21in bass enclosures (six per side), supplemented by two Evo 7 SH skeletal speakers for side-fill and two Resolution 1 speakers for front-fill. Two Evo 7SH and two BR218 bass reflex speakers were used for delays, while power and control for the system came from seven XTA APA Dante-enabled amps and an MC2 Delta80 Dante-enabled processor.

“Café Mambo asked us to supply the complete audio production,” explained Cheshire Event Production’s Olly Wayman. “This is the second time the event has taken place on the rocks and the second time we have been asked to supply. We provided everything audio, right up the BBC splits.”

The dramatic setting was not without its challenges however: “The whole event is a huge challenge, working on the rocks would be the first one,” said Wayman. “The council sets very tight sound restrictions but the directivity of the Evo 7s makes it super easy to ensure we get good SPL where it’s needed and not where it shouldn’t be. We’ve had the Evo 7s for three years now and we got our APA amplifiers at the same time. The entire system is just in a different class - we’re getting mind-blowing results every time.”

Production manager Tom Brown added: “The sound was clean and tight all weekend. Every artist was very happy and impressed. Olly and his team did a superb job under some very challenging circumstances and demanding audio specifications from both myself and from the BBC.”

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Roland Launches DJ-202 + DJ-505 Serato DJ Controllers

It's been about one year since Roland came out swinging into the DJ controller space with their DJ-808 controller. Today they're launching two new controllers to round out the lineup. The DJ-202 is a two channel Serato Intro controller, while the DJ-505 aims to be a two-channel version of the DJ-808. More details inside!

The post Roland Launches DJ-202 + DJ-505 Serato DJ Controllers appeared first on DJ TechTools.

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