DJM-REC: Pioneer DJ’s New Set Recorder for iOS

DJs from every genre like to record mixes. Recording mixes give DJs a portfolio of their work and re-listening to old mixes is a great constructive practice. However, recording a mix can be stressful. Everything is dark, the DJ before is still packing up, there is no room to start plugging into the mixer, and the song the other DJ left playing ends in 45 seconds. Pioneer DJ is now coming to DJs aide with a new app for iPhones and iPads which enables easy recording and sharing of DJ mixes.

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Reloop KUT: Classic Design Battle Mixer with Innofader + FX

We've seen a resurgence in turntablism-oriented gear in the last few years, so today's announcement from Reloop seems like a natural progression. The Reloop KUT is a two channel mixer, with built-in FX and an InnoFader crossfader. To top it off, there's a look and feel behind the battle-style design that harkens back to classic Vestax PMC mixers. Keep reading for more details.

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Veale Associates deliver sound media studios for Winchester University

Veale Associates deliver sound media studios for Winchester University

Winchester University has installed new sound recording and post production facilities as part of a planned expansion its School of Media and Film.

Veale Associates (VA) were commissioned to create the music and post production facilities.

The project combines a five-room complex including two 5.1 control rooms, two live rooms and a ADR/Foley room. The studios are located in the Bowers Building, part of their media facilities.

Both control rooms feature Audient Heritage format consoles, with the one in control room two being fully height adjustable, complimented with Avid S3s providing highly integrated control for Protools HDx and Logic, together with Focusrite’s RedNet Dante powered I/O to provide networkable audio across the entire complex, a rolling rack of RedNet 4’s provides remote location recording from anywhere attached to the Universities fibre network infrastructure.

Commenting on the project, Eloise Veale, creative director for Veale Associates said: “The ceiling height allowed us to be really creative with the design of the large live room. We created the first acoustic diffuser that provides brilliant sound diffusion together with excellent low frequency control and is the first manufactured by the Italian Wood-Skin company installed in the UK.  A very flexible lighting system compliments the design to create the atmospheric mood."

VA’s technical manager, Richard Ligginss added: “It was determined that two studios will be required to satisfy the student access demands and provide enough studio hours for research and development. For the technical specification we chose monitoring by Amphion and Unity Audio, plus a wide rage of hardware and software dynamic and effects systems by SSL, Rupert Neve Designs, Universal Audio, Lexicon, dbx, Waves ,TC Electronic, Drawmer, Warm Audio, Mäag Audio, and Sound Toys to complete the technical design.”

Flagship facilities have become increasingly important in the education sector

- Eddie Veale

VA president Eddie Veale said: “Understanding the requirement for a versatile and robust project to meet industry standards and expectation is a key starting point. Flagship facilities have become increasingly important in the education sector to attract, meet and exceed the expectations of students in an increasingly competitive sector.  We are proud of our collective and extensive knowledge and achievements that enable us to guide clients across all sectors to make choices that will ensure optimal use of resources, and demonstrate a valuable addition to the School of Media and Film at Winchester.”

Joy Carter, vice chancellor of Winchester University, added: “Our ambition for the University of Winchester is to become a leading provider of sound and music education. Veale Associates understood the University's ambitions from day one, whilst appreciating the constraints on cost and time. They brought a wealth of industry and higher education experience to the project.

"The concept from day one was to deliver not only first class education facilities from the visual perspective but studios fully equipped to deliver the key learning objectives whilst achieving the acoustic and technical criteria necessary for studios of this type. We couldn’t have done this without the professional and creative input from Veale’s leading people Eddie, Eloise and Richard. The outcome is visually stunning, well equipped functional facilities that fully meet the project brief delivered to quality, time and cost.”

Read our interview with VA president Eddie Veale about being awarded an honourary doctorate and building home studios for John Lennon and George Harrison.

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ADAM Audio unveils T Series studio monitor range

ADAM Audio unveils T Series studio monitor range

ADAM Audio has unveiled the T Series, its new range of nearfield studio monitors for audio recording and production professionals.

The T Series monitors share much of their design with the company’s S Series flagship monitor range, including their accuracy, precise dispersion characteristics, and high dynamic range.

The T Series features ADAM’s U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter along with a newly designed polypropylene symmetrical-excursion woofer that extends bass to lower frequencies with less distortion.

The new range of 2-way nearfield monitors includes two models, the 5” woofer T5V and the 7” woofer T7V. Both models include ADAM's High Frequency Propagation System (HPSTM) for ‘extremely consistent’ horizontal and vertical dispersion across the frequency spectrum, DSP innovations for the crossover system, and Class D amplifier systems.

“The engineering team at ADAM Audio was a given a challenge,” said Christian Hellinger, CEO of ADAM Audio. “We asked them for a range of nearfield monitors that will fit into tighter budgets without compromising the design standards that made ADAM a fixture in studios around the world. The T Series delivers, with wide frequency response, low distortion, and precise dispersion control in a value-conscious solution.“

The RRP of the T5V is €199 while that of the T7V comes in at €239. The availability of the T-Series is scheduled for spring 2018.

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Cadac launches ‘studio quality’ programmable audio network

Cadac launches 'studio quality' programmable audio network

Cadac has launched MegaCOMMS, a critical production network that enables mixing, control and networking of multi-channel studio quality audio across networks of up to 3072 channels of time-aligned, phase-coherent audio, at distances of up to 2km.

At the heart of the MegaCOMMS network is the software programmable CDC MC Router. The 2U 12 port MegaCOMMS router can be used to create large networked audio systems, comprising up to 12 separate MegaCOMMS devices – including CDC mixing consoles and I/O stage boxes – and 1,536 bi-directional channels of 96kHz/24-bit audio.

In keeping with MegaCOMMS’s ultra-low latency, the CDC MC Router adds only a single sample of latency regardless of the number of channels in a network, and can also perform ‘gain compensation’ in real time.

Programmable control of the CDC MC Router is provided by the dedicated NetCOMMS PC software which allows the user to create, save and edit custom maps, including diagnostics data for all connected units when online.

The 2017 BRICS Xiamen Summit of the five major emerging national economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – saw the premier large scale deployment of a Cadac MegaCOMMS audio network, with a single CDC MC Router at its heart. The system incorporated six CDC six consoles and CDC I/O stagebox mix systems extending throughout the Xiamen International Convention Center (pictured below).

The MegaCOMMS network provided mixed audio feeds from and to multiple locations, via an AV Control Room. Complex network configurations of different venues across the site depended on specific requirements of the numerous meetings and events.

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G’Audio Lab reveals livestreaming audio tool for 360-video

G'Audio Lab reveals livestreaming audio tool for 360-video

Spatial audio technology company G’Audio Lab has launched Sol, its new livestreaming rendering solution, according to a report on

Sol uses spatial audio technology to livestream quality audio for 360-degree video, transcending the limitations of current livestreaming formats and allowing users to fully experience the sound of live entertainment and sporting events without physically being present.

“Livestreaming, high-fidelity spatial audio will bring a totally new level of presence to live events,” said CEO and co-founder of G’Audio Lab, Henney Oh. “Through the magic of VR, you can now experience the sound of concerts, eSports and team sports as if you have the best seat in the house.”

While current audio streaming methods are limited to traditional stereo and surround sound formats, Sol Livestreaming is designed to portray a lifelike sonic experience for 360-degree video. Spatial audio technology, which responds to the user’s head movements in real time, allows specific positions of sound sources to be preserved, providing a sense of directionality for listeners.

Sol Livestreaming’s integration is specifically designed to serve up an Ambisonics audio signal to precisely depict and surround the listener in a 3D environment.

G’Audio has also adapted its binaural rendering format for livestreaming and squeezed B-format Ambisonics into the popular AAC codec. This ubiquitous codec allows Sol Livestreaming and its renderer to be adopted across multiple platforms, bringing immersive audio to content creators and consumers.

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NAMM 2018: Audinate introducing Dante AVIO Adapters

NAMM 2018: Audinate introducing Dante AVIO Adapters

Audinate will be at the NAMM Show this week demonstrating Dante AVIO, its new family of cost-effective endpoint adapters that enable audio professionals to connect legacy analogue and digital audio equipment to Dante networks.

The Dante AVIO series features six new adapters including line-in and line-out analogue adapters, a bi-directional AES3/EBU adapter and a bi-directional stereo USB adapter.

Each Dante AVIO adapter acts as a completely independent Dante network device, allowing legacy gear to enjoy the benefits of networked audio.

The Dante AVIO Analogue adapters are available as dedicated inputs or outputs with one or two channels of audio. Analogue input adapters allow mixers, mic preamps, stage DIs and more to connect to a Dante audio network, while analogue output adapters are used for driving amplifiers, powered speakers or recorders.

The Dante AVIO USB adapter connects any computer to a Dante audio network without additional software, providing stereo input and output that can be used by any audio application. Ideal for presentations and conference rooms, the Dante AVIO USB adapter may be passed between computers without altering networked audio connections.

The Dante AVIO AES3 adapter provides stereo input and output, preserving investments in AES3-connected DSPs, mixers, compressors, preamps and more. Any AES3 device may be fully connected to any Dante network with no degradation of signal due to extraneous D/A and A/D conversion.

The company will showcase its new line of Dante AVIO adapters on Booth #18004 at the upcoming NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA from 25-28 January. The adapters will start with an MSRP of $129 USD and will be available through retailers and system integrators in Q2 2018.

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Bolton’s Albert Halls upgrade with Dynacord loudspeaker system

Bolton's Albert Halls upgrade with Dynacord loudspeaker system

The UK town of Bolton has upgraded its Albert Hall complex to meet modern standards with a Dynacord loudspeaker system, all the while preserving the neoclassical architecture of the historic Victorian building.

Dynacord loudspeakers and power amplifiers were selected by Bolton’s technical management team after a series of listening tests.

The complex comprises two venues: the famed Albert Hall and the more flexible Festival Hall. The main room seats 670 to 1,000 and is used for theatrical productions, rock concerts, and other events. Festival Hall is used for conferences, weddings, banquets, and smaller live performances.

The audio specification was written by Chris Harfield, a degreed acoustician and member of the Institute of Acoustics. Harfield is also a director at H.W. Audio in Bolton. “It was a challenging design due to architectural requirements and of course the desire for excellent sound quality and intelligibility.”

Amplification throughout the Albert Halls is based on Dynacord’s C Series for permanent installation and L Series for live applications. The amplifiers all feature on-board digital signal processing, FIR-drive (finite impulse response filter) speaker optimisation and remote control of up to 16 amp channels via MARC (Multi Amplifier Remote Control) software. Overall, six C 3600FDi power amplifiers handle the subwoofers, while four C 1300FDi and four L 1300FD amplifier models power the main PA systems.

In Albert Hall, primary audio is provided by two Dynacord VL 212 loudspeakers above the stage. These are augmented by four white Dynacord TS 400W vertical array speakers, discreetly mounted on the side walls. Four Dynacord dual 18-inch Sub 28 models, housed beneath the stage, provide the low frequencies.

The Festival Hall posed a different audio challenge. A row of pillars runs down both sides, while a vaulted, decorated ceiling reflects sound down to a large wooden dance floor, creating unusual resonances and echoes. The solution was a set of six wall-mounted Dynacord TS 400 vertical array speakers. Two speakers flank the stage, with the others spaced along the sides with delays from the C 1300FDi amplifiers, creating a coherent sound field with high intelligibility. Four Dynacord PSE 218 subwoofers can be wheeled in for musical performances.

Technical manager for the Albert Halls, John McMurray, said, “The clarity and warmth in both rooms is incredible. We can now handle a rock and roll concert as easily as an award ceremony with little adjustment. These new systems have brought our newly refurbished complex into the 21st century.”

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Carl Reavey, one of SSE Audio Group’s original team, has passed away aged 61

Carl Reavey, one of SSE Audio Group's original team, has passed away aged 61

One of SSE Audio Group’s original team, Carl Reavey, has sadly passed away at the age of 61, according to the following statement issued by SSE today:

We heard with deep sadness the news of Carl Reavey's sudden death on 8th January.

Carl was the fourth member of the original SSE Hire team, joining the fledgling rental company in 1977. Here he met his wife-to-be, Jan (who was SSE’s second staff member). His enthusiasm for everything he did always shone through, approaching every task with vigour and humour.

Carl was crucially important to SSE Hire during these formative years, working the all-nighters, doing mad gigs and moving on to become FOH engineer for the Yachts and later the Undertones.

In 1979, after working around the clock for over a week, he went to Glastonbury with the, just finished, Turbosound festival system and ran the front of house with the legendary John Newsham. They were two very different engineers, but afterwards both said how much they had learned from each other across the three days.

Although Carl left the sound business in 1995, he was an important figure in the audio industry, first as a sound engineer and later as the first product manager for mixing console company Total Audio Concepts (TAC). In 1991,he was appointed General Manager of Amek’s US Operations, based in Burbank LA.

His passion for live sound and expert knowledge of mixing consoles won him friends the world over.

He left the industry to run a hotel on the island of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland with his wife Jan. He reasoned that having spent so much time staying in hotels, he was well placed to know what guests were looking for. He obviously got this right, as a few years later the Port Charlotte Hotel won the award for Best Hotel in the Western Isles.

In more recent years, Carl became a journalist, editing the island’s newspaper. This in turn led him to Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay, where he became head of communications.

Carl Reavey was a roadie, audio engineer, salesman, president, hotelier, hack and whisky broadcaster. A varied career, but in everything he did there was a common thread - humour, grace and a love of people mixed with an irreverence for authority.

Our thoughts are with his wife, Jan and son, Alasdair.

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Analogue Foundation and Globe-Trotter unveil ‘the ultimate Listening Station’

Analogue Foundation and Globe-Trotter unveil 'the ultimate Listening Station'

Globe-Trotter has teamed up with The Analogue Foundation – a collaboration founded by Audio- Technica, Grammy award-winning producer and studio engineer Russell Elevado and the international art and genre-bending music group Soundwalk Collective – to create what is being described as ‘the ultimate Listening Station.’

The station will be unveiled on 1 February, 2018 at Spiritland music café and bar at London’s King’s Cross.

Traditional luggage and leather goods company Globe-Trotter and The Analogue Foundation are both advocates of analogue, “placing value on craftsmanship and design, and according due importance to the object itself in recognition of its power to evoke memories and form a personal attachment to it."

The Globe-Trotter X Analogue Foundation Listening Station allows visitors to play records selected by The Analogue Foundation on a customised turntable furnished with a selection of Audio-Technica phono cartridges, including the AT-ART9 magnetic core moving coil and AT33Sa Shibata stylus, with a choice of hi-fidelity listening provided by Audio-Technica’s ATH-ADX5000, ATH-A2000Z, ATH-W1000Z and ATH-W5000 headphones.

Visitors to the Listening Station can play their favourite vinyl whilst enjoying a drink from a built-in cocktail drawer complete with a set of tumblers found at the bottom of the Listening Station.

The Globe-Trotter X Analogue Foundation Listening Station will be on display in Globe-Trotter’s UK flagship store at 35 Albemarle Street, London from Monday 19 February, 2018 in the bespoke lounge.

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