An underground resource brings house and techno back to its roots

Let’s be clear: electronic music is what it is because of a spirit that emanated from people outside of what was popular, not inside. And underground isn’t just about what’s undiscovered. It’s also about people who are too often purposely sidelined: people of color, queer and trans and gay and bi- and lesbian people, people who don’t look like models, people who other people say are weird, people who don’t fit in for all sorts of reasons. Nerds, even. If you’re reading this site, honestly, you’re probably one of those people, if at least for the reason that you might ...

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Someone tried redesigning Ableton Live, and he’s getting lots of attention

Ableton Live’s dominance over a lot of workflows is unparalleled. But the software itself is looking long in the tooth. There are clearly some features long in coming, and despite some updates, the UI is still largely unchanged since the software’s debut over a decade and a half ago. That’s good in some ways, but it means the software can be clunky on modern displays and in certain use cases. It says something about the love for the software that UI/UX designer Nenad Milosevic would create a deep redesign project, spec, just for the heck of it. If Nenad’s redesign ...

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DHD becomes newest member of the RAVENNA community

DHD becomes newest member of the RAVENNA community

ALC NetworX has revealed that German broadcast audio mixer and router manufacturer DHD has entered into a RAVENNA partnership.

DHD has a strong record in designing and manufacturing intelligent audio mixing and routing systems. Inaugurated by a small team of pro-audio experts in 1996, the Leipzig-based company has been a reliable supplier to public radio stations worldwide ever since.


As the number of AES67-enabled devices continues to grow, consoles and routers are required to fully integrate into AoIP environments.

Becoming part of the RAVENNA community is essential for us as a manufacturer of highly modular mixing consoles. Using RAVENNA, we are now able to provide an AoIP solution based on open standards

Joerg Deubner, general manager of DHD audio. 

A mixing console needs highly reliable audio interfaces with easy set-up and versatile compatibility options, so interoperability with other AES67 devices was DHD's core focus when developing their own AES67 implementation for the new DHD XC2 AES67 RAVENNA Interface. This opens up the complete DHD product range to all customers who favour RAVENNA technology for implementing AES67.

“We are very pleased to welcome DHD to the RAVENNA manufacturers' community,” added Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager of ALC NetworX. “In choosing RAVENNA as the basis for their AES67 implementation, DHD clearly underlines the superior performance and flexibility of RAVENNA technology. DHD being able to implement RAVENNA on their own platform, without the need to license any third-party building blocks, is once again proof that RAVENNA’s open technology approach offers many significant advantages to system manufacturers.”

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TiMax SoundHub keeps delay to a minimum at Eurovision 2017

TiMax SoundHub keeps delay to a minimum at Eurovision 2017

A pair of TiMax SoundHub audio delay matrix units were supplied by Black Box Music (BBM) to manage multi-zone PA level and delay alignment between Main and B-stage performance areas at this year’s Eurovision 2017 in Kiev.

The setup revisits a technique first used for Adele’s recent record-breaking world-wide arena tour. The TiMax SoundHub-S16 systems were inserted between Digico SD7’s and Lake master system processing feeding the amps, which in turn fed multiple distributed L-Acoustics line array hangs, subs and fills.

As the performance switched between the two stages, the TiMax dynamic delay-matrix delivered all mix outputs from main and backup console/system processor chains via onboard 96KHz SRC’s, to seamlessly re-align and focus all PA elements onto the current stage.

Head of Sound Kai Reiss describes the power and versatility of TiMax as an interesting ‘side effect’: “We were asked to provide an emergency announcement for the security office,” he explained. “We recorded it for them [in English and Ukrainian] and then gave them a button in their office that allowed them to simply press to pull down the show sound automatically and play the emergency announcement, all from within TiMax!”

More often used for spatial audio and vocal localisation in premier theatre, presentation and immersive AV applications, the dynamic delay-matrix capability unique to TiMax also allows real-time smooth delay-morphing algorithms across multi-zone PA systems as necessary, all recalled as simple showcontrol Cues presets.

The main TiMax SoundHub unit was provided from BBM’s rental stock with the backup unit supplied by German spatial audio specialists Panix.

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Community immerses visitors at Singapore’s national museum

Community immerses visitors at Singapore's national museum

A host of Community loudspeakers are currently being used for an immersive digital art installation at the National Museum of Singapore, titled “Story of the Forest”.

The National Museum of Singapore is the nation’s oldest museum, and the new installation is inspired by its prized collection, the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings.

The collection is brought to life through a ‘spectacular’ interactive digital presentation in which visitors are transported to the natural ecology of 19th century Malaya, viewed through the eyes of artists of that time and re-imagined today through digital art and technology.

In 2014 the museum closed off the Glass Rotunda, to explore new and innovative ways of showcasing the country’s social history and cultural history with industry partners. This resulted in the museum’s collaboration with the Japanese digital art collective teamLab, while Singapore-based Broadcast Professional Pte was chosen for the system integration, content delivery and project management.

The Glass Rotunda’s 15 meter high drum ceiling and 170 meter passageway have been converted into an immersive large-scale digital art installation, providing a unique 360-degree audio and video experience for visitors to be absorbed. The top of the structure projects the infinitely expanding universe, where animated flowers of the region bloom and change over time as guests walk through it. Sensors that trigger the images to change have been placed strategically within the passageway.

The spiral passageway also features Community DS5 loudspeakers, which create the appropriate audio soundscape to complement the images, while also creating additional interactivity. Broadcast Professional has integrated a feature whereby a high frequency signal can be captured by a visitor’s smartphone microphone, enabling them to pinpoint their location within the various zones of the 170m wide projection.

“A total of 42 projectors have been installed along the spiral passageway with Community DS5 loudspeakers playing a critical role in the experience,” said John Paul Tan, Broadcast Professional’s sales manager. “The Community D SERIES surface mount loudspeakers are low profile, aesthetically modern and discreet, with dynamic sound quality and excellent intelligibility. With space being a premium, these loudspeakers were the ideal solution for this installation as they fit seamlessly into the environment and provide outstanding sound quality.”

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