Glitchbreaks and Sliver updates – Alex Matheu’s iOS music apps get some tweaks

If you like your music creation process to include some experimental electronica then Alex Matheu’s iOS music apps Glitchbreaks and Sliver ought to be right up your street. Currently priced at UK£3.99 and UK£4.49 respectively, these are very cool tools for manipulating and transforming audio. Glitchbreaks provides an environment for manipulating beats, allowing the user […]

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Mic Room – new mic modeling app from IK multimedia

Icon2 PUT THE POWER OF THE WORLD’S MOST COVETED STUDIO MICROPHONES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Mic Room is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use microphone modeling app for your iPhone or iPad. It gives you a comprehensive virtual collection of some of the most iconic microphone models of all time. Now you can have a diverse and versatile range of mic sounds that you can bring with you for use anytime and anywhere. The full version gives you 8 microphones to choose from. These mics cover the entire spectrum of sounds from classic to contemporary: You get a spread of dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones that have all been modeled on the essential tools used by A-list production studios everyday. And you can add on to this initial collection with even more microphones via in-app purchase. Using Mic Room couldn't be easier. It works seamlessly with your favorite high-quality hardware microphones (like IK's new iRig Mic Studio or iRig Mic HD) or the built-in mic on your iPhone or iPad. Just plug in, open the app, select which model you want your mic to sound like and there you have it — you're ready to go. And, to make sure you always get the best sound possible, each virtual microphone includes an input gain knob and an easy-to-read circular level meter. Just touch and drag until you get the sound you want. You'll be amazed by the sound quality of these microphones. It's just like having the real thing in front of you. This should come as no surprise as each has been crafted by the same team of engineers behind IK's acclaimed AmpliTube and VocaLive families of apps and software. Mic Room is Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible, so it can be effortlessly used with other hosts and applications for many creative possibilities. Features * Powerful yet easy to use microphone modeling app * Comes with 8 mic models * Expandable with more mic models via in-app purchase * Companion app for iRig Mic Studio, iRig Mic HD, iRig Mic Field, iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast and other quality IK Multimedia microphones * Also works with your iPhone or iPad's built-in mic * Adjustable input level * Level meter * Master bypass switch * Inter-App Audio and Audiobus compatibility * Free version also available For more information: Accessories information:… Read more

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Are you a pro-audio Rising Star? Then we want to hear from you

Are you a pro-audio Rising Star? Then we want to hear from you

Audio Media International is on the lookout for the industry's top up-and-coming audio professionals as contenders for the Rising Star prize at this year's Pro Sound Awards.

We're keen to hear from young engineers, producers, technicians, sound designers etc. from all over the world who are able to demonstrate they have a bright future ahead of them.

Later this summer, AMI will begin publishing a series of Q&A profile articles on the best nominees, and then run a final shortlist of ten in the September issue of the print magazine.

The overall winner will be announced at the Pro Sound Awards ceremony on Thursday 24 September 2015 at Ministry of Sound in London.

Anyone aged 30 or under or with two years of less of industry experience currently working within the world of pro-audio – engineers, producers, technicians, sound designers etc. – is eligible for inclusion. Entries can either come from somebody wishing to nominate a colleague, apprentice or assistant, or from the potential Rising Stars themselves.

So if you think you deserve to be included, or if you know someone who does, send a short 'pitch' to AMI staff writer Matthew Fellows ( explaining why you, or the person you have in mind, should be considered. Please provide as much information as possible on the person's recent projects and past achievements, as this will increase their chances of being selected.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 17 July 2015.

For more information on the Pro Sound Awards, including a full list of finalists from all the categories, see the website below.

Tickets for the event are avaialble for just £45, click here or email for more details.

Picture: The 2014 Rising Star Award winner John Webber of AIR Studios.

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Mic Room

Mic Room is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use microphone modeling app for your iPhone or iPad. It gives you a comprehensive virtual collection of some of the most iconic microphone models of all time. Now you can have a diverse and versatile range of mic sounds that you can bring with you for use anytime […]

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Lab.gruppen extends LUCIA range

Lab.gruppen extends LUCIA range

Lab.gruppen has extended its range of ‘ultra-compact and highly cost-effective’ power amplifiers with the addition of two dedicated 70V output models: LUCIA 120/1-70 and LUCIA 240/1-70.

With power ratings of 120W and 240W respectively into a single output, the new amplifiers offer AV installers 'the option of driving 70V distributed loudspeaker systems while retaining the small form factor, input flexibility, build quality and GPIO facilities also featured in the LUCIA low impedance models'.

“There are many applications – ceiling systems in corridors or meeting rooms for example – where installing a 70V system is the preferred solution but there is no convenient nearby location for an equipment rack,” noted Klas Dalbjorn of Lab.gruppen. “In these situations, LUCIA’s exceptionally small footprint, light weight, multiple mounting options and input flexibility provide installers with an absolutely reliable and highly-cost effective solution.  LUCIA is not only easy to install, easy to set up and easy to hide, but it’s also Energy Star approved for green building certification.”

Both new LUCIA models incorporate dual inputs, a feature which allows mixing of two sources or selection of either the A or B source for the single mono output.  Connectors are both balanced Phoenix type and unbalanced RCA for each input, with a built-in matrix function promising mixing of the balanced and unbalanced signals with optimised gain structure. Front panel controls mix or select the A and B discrete source signals.

In common with all models in the LUCIA range, the new 70V models couple a digital, firmware-controlled front end (including a multiband compressor and look-ahead limiter) to a patented Class D output stage that is designed for high efficiency, low distortion and minimal heat dissipation.

LUCIA’s form factor – a half-rack 1U chassis—allows it to be tucked away inconspicuously wherever needed. LUCIA mounts behind video screens using the included wall bracket, tucks away in rack shelves or drawers, or attaches to the optional pole mount.

To save energy, LUCIA amplifiers automatically enter standby mode (<1 W power draw) after 20 minutes of no signal input, and then power up within one second when signal returns.  For applications were the turn on delay creates issues, power up can be triggered via contact closure connected to the GPI port before the signal is applied.  Default GPIO functionality also includes remote control of output level.

“With addition of the two new 70V models the LUCIA range now offers installers a choice of six compact amplifiers with diverse but complementary feature sets,” noted Klas Dalbjorn of Lab.gruppen.  “With the low impedance matrix models, you can have input/output matrixing and sophisticated programmable DSP inside a put-it-anywhere amplifier package.  The non-matrix low impedance models are extremely cost-effective for more basic applications, and now the new 70V models extend the LUCIA concept into constant voltage distributed systems.”

With the release of the Lucia 70 volt models, Lab.gruppen are providing a new version of the Application Browser software which will support all 6 LUCIA models. This will be a free upgrade for the low impedance base models, the 120/2 and 240/2. With this updated software, all Lucia models will have the features previously only available on the Lucia M amplifiers.

These include custom EQ on each input, adjustable matrix (2 in/1 out for the 70 volt amplifiers and 2 in/2 out for the low impedance models), output processing with selectable presets for loudspeaker or custom EQs, the Automatic Dynamic Loudness Contouring can be turned on or off per output and configurable functionality for the two GPI’s is available.

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Attack Drums

Attack Drums is a synthesizer designed mainly for drum sounds, but the powerful sound engine can also be used for everything else – including vocals. Based on the Waldorf Attack VST PlugIn from 2001, it consists of a 24-part sound engine, now packed with a pattern sequencer and a versatile effects section. One highlight of […]

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stereosun® presents a whole new concept of DJing and playing with loops. It’s not just another controller but a unique software designed specifically for touchscreen technology. Functionalities of different crossfaders, effect knobs and play buttons are merged together to require the least amount of gestures. You can all at once control up to 6 different […]

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Stephen Jones joins Scrub sales team

Stephen Jones joins Scrub sales team

Scrub, a division of HHB Communications specialising in post production has announced the appointment of Stephen Jones to the newly created position of sales administrator.

The sales team has been expanded to meet increased demand as a result of 'significant growth' in the sales of Avid's Pro Tools software and S6 control surface, HHB says. Envy, The Farm Group, Encore, LipSync and Angell Sound are among the audio post facilities to have chosen Scrub to upgrade to the S6.

Jones will support Scrub's Ben Scully and Devin Workman from the firm’s office and demo facilities on Berwick Street, London, in the heart of Soho’s post community. He began working with HHB in 2012 after graduating from Coventry University with a degree in Music Composition and has been promoted to help deliver first-line support to Avid Pro Tools customers, as well as those using other Mac and PC-based DAWs.

“The addition of Stephen to the team means that we have the largest and most experienced group of sales and technical support professionals in the UK and further enhances our ability to provide immediate support to a wide range of clients," said head of Scrub sales Ben Scully. "Stephen is very friendly and well versed in Scrub’s services and product portfolio so he is a great fit.”

“It is really exciting to join Scrub at a time when there is so much growth and activity with Pro Tools and the S6," Jones added. "Many of the world’s leading audio post houses are right on our doorstep and it’s great to be a part of Soho’s vibrant audio post community.”

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Launch Offer! ========== From now until the end of June, Sonicwarper is selling at US$15.99 (down from US$69.99 previously). Thank you for your support. Note: ==== You need Traktor Pro, an industry-leading DJ software by Native Instruments to use this product. We are not related to Native Instruments. Support/Feedback: ============== Have problems setting up? Have […]

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