Electro-Voice EVID Compact Sound series now available

Electro-Voice EVID Compact Sound series now available

The new EVID Compact Sound series speakers from Electro-Voice are now shipping.

The range joins the manufacturer's award-winning EVID family of small-format installed audio products – recently extended with a number of new in-ceiling options – and promises 'excellent sound quality' and 'next-generation industrial design.'

EVID Compact Sound is described as a flexible, scalable background music solution for a wide range of architectural environments including retail spaces, offices and restaurants, and designed to offer 'an unparalled performance-to-size ratio'.

The series consists of five sonically- and aesthetically-matched models that allow complete systems to be customised 'more effectively and more economically' – there is a surface-mont version (pictured), a ceiling option and a pendant speaker as well. Individual models can be mixed with one another for optimal results according to application.

Common system features:

  • Users can purchase either a complete pre-packaged system or mix-and-match satellite models with any subwoofer to meet décor or installation requirements
  • Direct connection of satellites to subwoofer simplifies wiring
  • High-quality audio with acoustically balanced crossover point – eliminates localised subwoofer effect so system 'sonically disappears'
  • Subs feature a large 8” woofer for increased low frequency output and better sound at lower volumes
  • Supports 100W, 70/100V, and 8 ohm audio connections

Ceiling version features:

  • Quick-install design with captive mounting tabs to fit nearly any ceiling construction
  • Four-pin Phoenix connectors on ceiling satellite speakers support pass-thru wiring
  • UL 2043/1480 ratings allow for use in signaling applications and plenum air spaces
  • Ceiling cutout templates and all mounting accessories included
  • Available in white finish

Surface-mount version features:  

  • Simplified mounting design for satellites – enables quicker installation
  • Full-face grille – blends in to environment
  • Supports stereo operation with 8-ohm audio connections
  • Quick-mount slide-on wall bracket included
  • Available in black or white finishes

Pendant-mount features:

  • 2” full-range transducer – acoustically matched to ceiling and surface-mount satellite versions
  • Concealed wire connection with pass-thru Phoenix plug for easy wiring
  • UL-rated quick-mount pendant cable included
  • Available in white finish


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Revolabs appoints Polar Audio as UK distributor

Revolabs appoints Polar Audio as UK distributor

Polar Audio has been appointed by US-based manufacturer Revolabs as its UK distributor.

Revolabs offers a range of solutions for pro-audio applications, unified communications (UC) and enterprise collaboration. The complete range of the company's products will dovetail with Polar Audio's existing range of networked audio propositions over AVB, such as those offered by Biamp Systems.

"Revolabs has very successfully addressed the market's demands for well designed wireless microphones and its unified communications products meet the essential needs of modern conferencing-life across all sectors," said Polar Audio's head of installation Stuart Leader. "Revolabs offers us a comprehensive range of options that complements perfectly the networking capabilities offered by some of our brands – the Biamp Tesira and Tesira Forte system being a prime example.

"This obviously enhances and expands the options available to us on the design and installation side of the business and we look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities that it presents."

Russell Harpham, regional director of EMEA, Revolabs added: "Revolabs professional conferencing products are designed to help customers leverage the benefits of today’s flexible environments. Using our comprehensive line of all-in-one solutions, users can easily enhance the quality of their conversations through a combination of best-of-breed audio engineering and flexible call options. We are extremely pleased to partner with Polar Audio, their market leadership will be instrumental for expanding our presence across the UK.”

Picture: (from left): John Midgley, managing director of Polar Audio with Phil Stanley, UK regional sales manager at Revolabs



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Lab.gruppen upgrades CAFÉ software

Lab.gruppen upgrades CAFÉ software

Lab.gruppen has released version 1.2.0 of its CAFÉ (Configuring Amplifiers For the Environment) software, which adds new features for system design and commissioning of the company’s PLM+ and D Series amplifier platforms for both Windows and Mac.

Ease of use has been enhanced with added help sections at the top of each view together with tool tips for all fields. Also, the user interface now supports use of imperial units on cable lengths and in other parameters.

CAFÉ’s ESP (Equipment Specification Prediction) feature, which helps system designers move from specified loudspeakers to an optimal selection of amplifiers throughout the system, has been improved with this second generation release. The Automap algorithm in ESP has been updated for more logical levelling out of headroom throughout the system, and the channel sorting has been improved to present a more logical order among the channels. The Automap algorithm analyses the loudspeaker requirements and automatically finds the most cost effective set of amplifier models and places channels optimally.

As an additional benefit, ESP calculates cooling and mains distribution requirements per amplifier and for complete equipment rooms based on exact loudspeaker requirements. ESP works in conjunction with Lab.gruppen’s RPM (Rational Power Management) feature to allocate the optimum power as needed for the different channels in order to minimise wasted headroom. 

In the CAFÉ’s RPM view, a new input option has been added for intuitive entry of high-impedance/constant voltage loudspeakers in the section for entry of loudspeaker requirements. Also, a synchronisation feature has been implemented to transfer amplifier naming as implemented in in ESP to Lake frame labels in online frames. 

CAFÉ 1.2.0 also incorporates performance and stability improvements along with bug fixes. It is available for free download.

Also available is CAFÉ Coach, a series of video tutorials offering a guide to the features of the program. The tutorials cover both offline configuration and online operation and monitoring capabilities.  CAFÉ Coach is accessible both via the Lab.gruppen website and the Lab.gruppen channel on YouTube


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Alcons Audio installation at Walt Disney Germany

Alcons Audio installation at Walt Disney Germany

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany in Munich has chosen an Alcons CR1 system with subwoofer, surrounds and processing amplification for its in-house screening room.

In the Munich screening room, all German-spoken trailers and German dubbed film versions, mixes and DCP QC of all Disney movie versions are inspected for final approval. zweiB, the Munich-based provider of digital cinema systems, event technology and media production, has been supporting Disney Germany for many years and had previously installed digital cinema projectors in the screening room, among others. Accordingly, the company was also commissioned with the refurbishment of the cinema sound.

Tammo Buhren, CEO of zweiB issued a relevant recommendation: "In my opinion, the use of pro-ribbon speaker technology behind the screen is a gigantic thing. I was convinced from the beginning that Alcons would be the ideal solution for this project. At Disney Germany the main focus is to check the quality of the film sound and possibly verify defects therein. The Alcons system with its high-resolution, direct and clearly perceived sound image convinces. "

Disney Germany relied on the recommendation of the technical service provider and opted for the purchase of the Alcons system. Installed were 3 x Alcons CR1 screen speaker systems, each fitted with 1 x 12in woofer, 1 x 6.5in mid-range and Alcons’ proprietary RBN401 4in pro-ribbon tweeter. The compact system is designed to be ideal for smaller rooms with its 18cm deep design and an ‘indescribably exact performance with uncompressed sound at the highest sound pressure levels’.

The system is complemented with a CB181 18in subwoofer. All systems are driven by the new Alcons Sentinel3, 4-channel DSP class D amplified loudspeaker controller.

For surround sound 6 x Alcons CCS8 (1in driver with 8in woofer in a coaxial configuration) are used. With this configuration the room is also prepared for future installation of Dolby Atmos.

"The benefits of pro-ribbon technology are clearly audible, especially behind the screen, where you need plenty of headroom for a clean sound reproduction, especially at high frequencies," commented Buhren. "Here the strengths of Alcons are hard to miss. For me, Alcons currently offers the best products in the field of cinema sound."

Carsten Albrecht, sales and technical support at Alcons Germany added: "We are very proud that we were able to convince Disney Germany of our cinema sound system. With our multiple-patented pro-ribbon speaker technology and 96kHz DSP class D amplifiers, Alcons provides the exceptionally high quality, which is required in a reference screening room. In order to assess the sound quality of a film on a professional level, the sound system has to guarantee a very high resolution and an uncompressed, undistorted sound reproduction. Here Alcons delivers spot-on."


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I know is not strictly a noise making app, but it is one of the most original apps I’ve seen this year, and is sure to be a handy tool to any budding synth app users. As the name eludes, it teaches users how to go about crafting synth sounds, by breaking down how sounds […]

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Powersoft X Series taken on tour of South Africa, Poland

Powersoft X Series taken on tour of South Africa, Poland

Powersoft's South African supplier Surgesound and Polish distributor SoundTrade recently completed roadshows across their respective countries to introduce the Italian manufacturer’s new X-Series platform.

Headed by Surgesound's Andrew Rowan and Ruan Joubert, and supported by Powersoft sound engineer Luigi Chelli, the South African tour started in Bloemfontein and travelled through Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban before finishing in Johannesburg.

The sessions were attended mainly by touring/production companies and consultants eager to see whether X Series lived up to the hype. Explaining their approach, Rowan said: “Although we used conference facilities in the major cities, a lot of our demonstrations were a custom set-up where we would provide clients a private demonstration at their premises with their relevant audio staff.

“The tour was an incredible experience. Not only was X Series featured but also Powersoft K Series, M Series, and Ottocanali, were discussed and displayed. The opportunity to share the Powersoft technology with like-minded companies made the tour extremely successful, and we look forward to the next one.”

The three-day X Series Roadshow set up by SoundTrade visited the cities of Poznan, Wroclaw and Warsaw.

The presentations were planned as a series of training sessions, during which participants, including sound engineers, were given the opportunity to learn about the latest technology embedded in X Series.

The tour was presented by Powersoft’s product trainer/sound engineer Michele Azzimonti and the event also incorporated a series of workshop topics which dealt with the power amplifier stage, acoustic measurements, as well as remote control public address systems implemented using Powersoft’s proprietary Armonía software.

Each session was divided into four parts: Corporate and Technology presentations, X Series, and finally a measurement session and Armonía workshop.

According to SoundTrade product manager Maciej Szewczyk, attendees were impressed with a number of factors, but particularly the weight, three-phase power supply and FIR filtering.

“As always the measurement part was the most interesting part of the proceedings,” he reported. “While in reality major speaker manufacturers prepare presets for their loudspeaker and amp platforms still there are situations in which one has to do it oneself … and this is the ‘secret knowledge’ that sound professionals are looking for.”

Summing up, Szewczyk said the small tour had been extremely useful from all aspects: “We would certainly like to go down this route again and have more sessions dedicated to Armonía and acoustic measurements. As professional tools Powersoft amplifiers need a professional approach which means regular training.”


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