Routine: DJ Shiftee Rocks the Kontrol S8

Shiftee S8It has been about six months since the Kontrol S8 debuted last October - for many, it came off as a strange new jogwheel free direction. While many DJs may feel left out that Native Instruments wasn’t catering to their genre, turntable/controller aficionado DJ Shiftee thinks otherwise. Watch the NI video below and see how a turntablist incorporates the S8 into […]

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Weeel – pitch bend and mod wheel MIDI app

Icon2 !! Ranked #1 in Top Paid Apps, Music category (Sweden) !! Many hardware keyboards lacks a decent pitch wheel. Weeel saves the day! Weeel is a MIDI utility app that transmits pitch bend and any control change (like modulation, breath control etc) to any MIDI port available on the device. Use it with hardware MIDI interfaces, Network MIDI or other solutions like MusicIO or midimux (via Virtual MIDI). Features: • Touch and drag to transmit pitch (x-axis) and modulation (y-axis) • Acceleration sensitivity setting • Lock/Unlock modulation (whether it should go back to zero or not) • Transmit pitch bend on/off switch • Select which MIDI ports to transmit to (on/off switch for each port) • Select MIDI out channel • Select control change number (0-127) !!! Obs !!! Right after releasing this app, we found a minor bug: When launched in landscape mode on iPad, the graphics will look strange. Temporary solution: launch Weeel when the device is in portrait mode. An update is on its way. Please note: This app does not alter or create any sound at all. It only transmits MIDI data. If you’re not exactly sure what it is for: do not buy it. Suggestions, feedback, questions? Let @klevgrand know on Twitter, or email us at… Read more

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Bach Played on Tubes Will Remind You That Acoustic is Fun

I must admit to knowing neither the term tubes musicaux, nor “boomwhackers.” We’re on the eve of the Musikmesse trade show, which for music technology sites means time spent largely in Hall 5.1 – the bit dedicated to electronic stuff and “DJs.” But that’s no reason to ignore the possibilities afforded by acoustic sound. So … Continue →

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Serato DJ 1.7.4 Out: Beat Jump, EQ Colored Waveforms, Karaoke Support

serato-dj-174-karaoke-club-kitAfter a fairly long beta period, the team at Serato is debuting a brand new version of their Serato DJ software, 1.7.4. We've been excited to see it released because it officially is the launch of the Serato DJ Club Kit add-on, which opens up support for Pioneer and Allen and Heath mixers. But as it turns out, the New Zealand developers have had even more great new stuff up their sleeves - read on for the full details.

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