Big BOSS Giveaway 2014

Time is Running Out—Enter Now for Your Chance to Win! The Big BOSS Giveaway is well underway, and there’s just a short time left to participate. One lucky winner will be drawn at random each week and receive a BOSS pedal autographed by a famous musician. All submissions received are eligible for the Grand Prize of $1000.00 in BOSS […]

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FR-8x V-Accordion Version 2.0 Update

Player-Requested Feature Enhancements for the Flagship V-Accordion Series Roland has just announced the release of a major system update for the FR-8x, the flagship series of the V-Accordion lineup. FR-8x Version 2.0 software adds significant improvements and feature enhancements based on input from the world’s top players, making the premier V-Accordions more powerful and versatile than ever. Quick and easy to […]

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Kanade Sato: Little Drummer Girl

The Story Behind Roland’s New V-Drums Video Have you seen the new promo video for Roland’s recently released entry-level V-Drums? If you haven’t, you really need to have a look. In the video, 11-year-old Kanade Sato, a very talented young drummer from Japan, has been invited to play on the new V-Drums kit and spontaneously jam along with three pro musicians. […]

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Best Music Apps for Kids!

Your kids might not be ready for that lesson in advanced modular synthesis or a crash course in Beatmaker 2, but there are some fantastic apps out there designed to educate and entertain kids, whilst teaching them a little something about music production. Here’s our list of the Best Music Apps for Kids: 1. Pug Synth – Lucky Frame “A super hilarious synthesizer and drum machine featuring the same pugs from Pugs Luv Beats. You dress them up in hats and costumes to change the sounds. And it’s free!” A bit of fun that will teach principles of rythm and melody to young kids… And it has pugs. 2. Scribble Synth – Joseph Brady Scribble on your ipad whilst learning about sound design and synthesis. This waveform synthesizer is controlled by scribbling and converts your child’s drawn line to a synth line in real-time. 3. Kid Synth – Xample Sarl A basic synthesizer, designed for kids but featuring some interesting features such as: - Polyphonic engine (up to 12 notes can be played at the same time) - Reverb sound effect - Delay (echo) sound effect - 9 multilayered samples included in this free version - 21 additional multilayered samples available as inapp purchase upgrade - Two opposite keyboards to let you play with your child or let 2 kids play together - Each keyboard has its individual settings (selected sample, effects level, etc) 4. Dropophone – Hayashi Yosuke A fun generative music environment that’s easy to understand and experiment with. Based on Lullatone’s album “Little Songs About Raindrops,” this app allows you to make songs that sound like drips and drops falling on a tiny orchestra of instruments. Pressing the multi-colored raindrops triggers notes that loop every six seconds. 5. Isle of Tune Mobile – Happylander Ltd A fun game that lets you create a tempo synced, living island that changes it’s sounds based on the objects you add. Create your own unique musical journeys from street layouts. Roadside elements are your instruments and cars are the players! 6. Musyc Pro – Fingerlab A generative music environment, suibtable for older children as it’s interface is quite complicated. Musyc is a fun and innovative music application where touch turns into music. No use of piano keyboard or partitions, draw shapes and listen to your piece of music while viewing sounds bouncing on the screen. The basic version is free and if you like it you can upgrade to the paid version with more instruments and objects to play with. 7. Sketch-a-Song Kids – 09 Line Development Co. Learn the principles of sequencing, editing and music theory whilse skecthing crayon-like colors on a piece of paper. Great fun. 8. Artikulator – P.W. Worm & Co. & Sons A ver simplistic multitouch finger-painting synthesizer that lets anyone draw sound with shapes and color. 9.StarComposer – P4S Publishing Ltd. A great first introduction to sequencing / DAW operation! - No Musical Experience Required - Record your own voice using the built-in microphone - Create your own Music Video and share it to YouTube and Facebook - Simple and intuitive design - 120 different Music Loops to choose from - 10 different Music Styles - Great for both kids and adults - Save your songs to iCloud and access them across all your iOS devices - Learn about music composition with beat and bar displays - Full Retina display support 10. Little Fox Music Box – Kids songs – Sing along – Fox & Sheep An educational and playful musical environment for kids. Play your own music and record your songs with the little fox in his tree house sound studio. Explore more than 100 interactive elements and sounds. That’s our list of the best music apps for kids! Have we missed any great ones? Let us know in the comments area below.  

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iOS Synth List Upadated!

Some new awesome synths have been added to our list of iOS synths here Some great synths you might not have heard of include: CP 1919 – The Strange Agency LLC WaveMapper – Wolfgang Palm WaveGenerator – Wolfgang Palm Arctic Keys – One Red Dog Media Audulus – Wilson Holliday I am Synth – DETUNE Ltd. BitWiz Audio Synth – Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl) Cube Synth – VirSyn

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Guitar Tuner Apps

Nowadays you can use a guitar tuner app or a tuner include in a guitar “toolkit” app to tune your guitar. The early guitar tuner apps that came out on iOS were a bit ropey but now they can rival expensive hardware tuners, especially if you’re using some kind of iPad guitar input. Here’s our list of the top 5 guitar tuner apps available on the AppStore. 1. Guitar Tools – Tuner, Metronome, Chords Library – Ultimate Guitar This guitar tuner app contains many more tools that are useful for guitarists, including a metronome and a chord library. Functions well and is on both iPad and iPhone 2. Guitar Tuner : Tune your Ukulele, Acoustic and Electric Guitars ! – Gismart This guitar tuner app comes in strong at number 2 for its gorgeous interface and advanced functions such as the ability to determine individual string deviation for you and tell you which way to turn your machine head! It’s also FREE. Available for iPad and iPhone. 3. Guitar Toolkit – Tuner, Metronome, Scales, Chords and Progressions – Xiao Yixiang Guitar Toolkit is number 3 on the guitar tuner app list! It makes this list by providing a wealth of functions including, scale tuition, interactive chord diagrams and chord progression tuition. It’s FREE and you can download it here: iPad or iPhone 4. GuitarBots – The ultimate guitar learning game to play along tab riffs and chord songs including easy tuner, metronome, tutorial and lessons. – Ovelin Guitar Bots is not just a guitar tuner app, but a game-based guitar learning app! You can tune your guitar, learn chords and progressions and real songs by playing along with any normal guitar. The app uses the iPad microphone to analyse your playing and help you improve. The Guitar Bots app is free and available for iPad here 5. The Offspring: Rock Prodigy – The Way of H, Inc. This guitar tuner app is similar to Guitar Bots but more grown-up / aimed at guitarist that have a decent level of competency already. Rock Prodigy by The Offspring features a guitar tuner and helps you improve your guitar skills using many of the bands hit songs and an advanced method of pitch detection through your iPad or iPhone mic! Pretty cool stuff. You can read the full feature list on the appstore here: iPad or iPhone What’s your favourite guitar tuner app? Let us know in the comments below!  

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List of iOS Drum Machines

Follow this link to see our evolving list of iPhone and iPad Drum Machines and Groove Boxes. This list includes both synthesis and sample-based groove-boxes. Any app that facilitates a groove based production workflow has been included in this list. Know of any gems that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments! List of iPhone and iPad Drum Machines and Groove Boxes.

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List of iOS Effects and Plugins

iOS effects are still a fairly nebulous affair with various models including inter-app audio, audiobus, jack and in-app purchases providing a number of models for using inserts in your productions. We’ve started a list of plugins / effects for iPad and iPhone here: iOS EFFECTS Please feel free to add to it in the comments section and we’ll continue to update as we discover more.

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